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Celebrate your event with a beautifully designed cake topper to elevate your special day.

Acrylic Heart Wedding Cake Topper with Etched Border - Personalized - shown in Gold

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Laurel Wreath Christmas Ornament Personalized

$10.00 $7.50

Our Personalized Laurel Wreath Christmas Ornament is 4″ in diameter and perfect for your holiday gift giving.  Whether for a couple’s first Christmas together, or as a baby’s first Christmas keepsake, make it a holiday to remember with a gift to enjoy each holiday season. We laser etch these round tree ornaments in your choice…

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Celebrating 50 Years of Love: A Glowing Review from Cindy

Celebrating 50 Years of Love: A Glowing Review from Cindy

We couldn’t be more delighted to have been a part of Cindy’s 50th-anniversary event for Chung and Lin. At Taylor Street Favors, we believe that every love story is unique and should be celebrated in a way that reflects that uniqueness. Cheers to 50 years of love and countless more to come! 🥂❤️

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What Our Customers Say

Kim C.us

You did an excellent job designing just what I needed for my cake. Turned out awesome!

2 months ago
Lily L.us

I purchased this cake topper for my niece who is getting married in October, she loved it! The process was easy and they answered all my questions and concerns. Would certainly recommend.

3 months ago
Annette Denkinsus

Awesome job it looks just like the picture it’s a beautiful piece, Thanks A Million

4 months ago

Add a personal touch to favors and gifts alike with our custom gift tags.

Taylor Street Favors

At Taylor Street Favors, our mission is simple: to help you create a celebration that reflects your personal style, values, and identity. We understand that every individual’s story is unique. That is why we offer a diverse range of items – cake toppers, labels, tags and wedding decor items – in an inclusive and affirming store. Whether you’re a loving gay couple, a radiant lesbian duo, a dedicated single parent, an excited newly engaged couple, or a cherished member of a wedding or anniversary party, we’re dedicated to providing products that honor and celebrate those most important to you, exactly as they are and just as they deserve to be.

Taylor Street Favors helps you transform life’s milestones into unforgettable memories – weddings, adoptions, births, anniversaries – any occasion that holds a special place in your heart.

David & Derek

A Symphony of Love and Commitment: Among our star offerings are the wedding cake toppers, crafted to be the crowning glory of your special day. From classic elegance that whispers of timeless love to whimsical charm that embraces the unique spirit of your partnership, our toppers are designed as a testament to your journey together. Let them grace your cake, becoming a symbol of the love that led you to this moment.

Marking Years of Joy: But that’s not all – we believe in celebrating the journey, not just the destination. Birthdays, those yearly markers of joy, are equally important. Our Birthday Cake Toppers are more than just decorations; they’re storytellers. They turn your cake into a canvas of celebration, adding that extra layer of delight to your festivities. These toppers aren’t mere numbers; they symbolize growth, laughter, and cherished memories that accumulate over time.

Tying Love with a Bow: We understand that sometimes, the little details make the biggest difference. Our Gift Tags are the metaphorical bows on your thoughtful presents, conveying warmth and love before they’re even opened. With intricate designs and personalized options, these tags transform gifts into tangible expressions of affection. Each tag carries a message, a reminder that the best gifts are wrapped in love.

Christmas Ornaments infuse your tree with memories, celebrating years gone by and the possibilities that lie ahead. Each ornament can tell a story, turning your tree into a living scrapbook of your life’s journey. From baby’s first Christmas to a couple’s milestone anniversary, each piece hangs as a testament to moments that shaped you.

Bringing the Past and Future Together: Our Anniversary Cake Toppers capture the essence of enduring love and shared experiences. They stand as a tribute to the years you’ve cherished and the promise of many more to come. With elegant designs and intricate craftsmanship, these toppers transform any cake into a monument of commitment.

We believe in tailoring celebrations to your unique vision. Get in touch with us, and we’ll work closely to turn your ideas into reality. We also understand that celebrations often come with budget considerations. That’s why our celebration essentials, whether cake toppers, gift tags, table numbers, or wine bottle labels, are thoughtfully priced across various tiers. Quality is never compromised. We ensure that each product reflects our commitment to excellence, regardless of the price point.

Taylor Street Favors is more than a store; it’s a celebration of life’s vibrant moments.

We’re here to be a part of your story, to infuse every occasion with your unique spirit. Whether it’s the sparkle of a wedding, the joy of a birthday, the warmth of a gift, or the magic of the holidays, we’re here to ensure your celebrations are nothing short extraordinary. Connect with us, and let’s make your moments shine brighter than ever before. Celebrate with pride, celebrate with joy – celebrate with Taylor Street Favors.

We invite you to explore our collection, discover the pieces that resonate with your story, and add that personal touch to every milestone. Your life is an incredible story – let us help you tell it through the art of celebration.

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