Derek and David

We are Derek and David and we created Taylor Street Favors to help you celebrate the Weddings, Baby Showers, Adoptions and Other Occasions in your life.


David:  When we started planning our own wedding it was difficult to find Favors and Gifts for a same-sex marriage... 

Derek:  ...almost impossible unless the pride flag was to be our wedding theme.  It was discouraging to shop at these one-size-fits-all favor stores that didn’t offer items suitable for a same-sex couple and failed to represent the diversity of families today in their products, marketing and advertising.  We knew we could do better.

David:  Knowing that other couples were having this same experience, we decided to turn this into an opportunity to create a store that welcomes both gay and straight couples, non-traditional and traditional families alike. 

Derek:  Taylor Street marries [!!] great products with exceptional customer service. We strive to be sincere in our marketing, transparent in our pricing, and focused on our customers.  


Derek:  Our vision is to inspire our customers to celebrate their lives — weddings, adoptions, births, anniversaries — with pride, with joy and without limit. We believe that today’s diverse couples and modern families are equally deserving of representation in this marketplace and …  

David:  ...yes, positive images matter. If you can see it, you can be it!

Derek:  We strive to offer unique products and designs that make Favor and Gift shopping fun and aspirational. 

David: We support those individuals and companies that promote inclusiveness and offer unusual, smart, and well-made products — at different price points for different budgets.

Derek:  And we even make some items ourselves when we know we can do better than what is available. 


Let us know if you are searching for something we don't currently offer. We know how hard it is to find that just-right Favor or Gift and will do our best to assist you any way we can. We work hard to offer great service to each and every customer. Contact Us or call M-F 9am to 5pm (PT) at 844.328.6763, or chat with us on Facebook.  


Its…Time to Celebrate!


Taylor Street Favors