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The Favor Buck Stops Here

This past week, a bride-to-be started a WeddingWire discussion concerning wedding favors.  She was asking for unique wedding favor suggestions and mentioned her intention to put the couple’s name on whatever it was they decided to get…

…and then the comments came.

 Many comments included some great ideas [highlights follow], but there were more than a couple posts that were not just against the idea of personalized favors, but against any favors.  A few of these comments were served up with a heaping side of attitude.  

Most of the doom-and-gloomers reached their conclusion after their own favors had been left behind to be gathered up and tossed after the event — unloved and unappreciated — “a waste”.  Their conclusion, “don’t bother with the favors, nobody wants them”.  I disagree. Your personal experience doesn’t mean that all wedding favors are “a waste,” it may just mean that your choice of a gift didn’t connect with your guests.

To those whose gifts were “left at the alter,” why forecast disaster and disappointment for everyone?  Whether or not to include a particular favor is a decision that requires more thought than it may seem — and with so many wedding related decisions to make, this one often is left undecided until there is not enough time — or money — to make the optimal choice.

I have summarized my pick of the many awesome suggestions that were included in the responses to help get your creative juices flowing while you still have time to dream big.

The “DIY “solution:   edible and not  

bread and jam


Advantages:  a personal gift without being personalized; truly unique, can be very affordable

Disadvantages:  if you don’t already have a knack for making what you are thinking of doing— this is a really bad time to start; lots-of-guests means lots-of-hours baking/sewing/glueing and assembling; may require that it be done or completed at the last moment.

Examples:  a mini-loaf of bread & some jam; hand-crafted stained glass candle holders; pop-corn seed jars with custom finish and personalized label, small jars of homemade apple butter for a fall wedding; miniature cookbooks containing the couple’s favorite recipes.

The “edible” solution:  treats for now or later

Clover Honey Jars | Taylor Street Favors

Advantages:  edible, not as hard to organize and make happen as a DIY

Disadvantages:  can get expensive, may need to be “last-minute”

Examples:  so many great ideas…  jars of honey from the beekeeper groom; bottles of wine from the vineyard where he proposed; take-home Krispy Kreme doughnuts (my personal favorite – I miss my Krispy Kreme’s right off the conveyor belt…); cupcakes in personalized to-go boxes; bags of coffee beans that say “the perfect blend,” or bags of tea that say “love is brewed”.  I mean really – who can be upset with gifts like these?


The “coordinated” solution: favors tied to theme or individual passion

Classic White Gum Ball Machine | Taylor Street Favors

Advantages:  able to purchase and/or assemble ahead and check-it off the list; can be used as part of decor or do double duty as escort cards or seating assignments

Disadvantages:  could be costly; may not be appreciated by everyone

Examples:  $1 lottery tickets in an envelope stamped “may the odds be ever in your favor”, for a Hunger Games theme; mini Moet champagne bottles; plantable seed heart shaped favors that double as a seating chart; gum ball machines that double as place card holders.

With some thought, effort and not necessarily a lot of money, there are plenty of favor options available that your guests will appreciate receiving and you will enjoy providing.  Let the naysayer comments roll off your back and remember – it’s your party.


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