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Minecraft DIY Clear Favor Box (Set of 10)

Show off your DIY Minecraft® building skills with these clear favor boxes with tuck in tops and lock-tab bottoms. Tuck top boxes have a tuck top plus two small side flaps on the top opening of the box along the top edges and a lock tab bottom for...
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Minecraft Steve - CLOSEOUT

The Details Never has there been a blocky man more in love with mining than Steve. In countless worlds he is happy to dig endlessly in a quest for diamonds and glory. The 6" tall Steve comes with a removable pickaxe and a 2" Dirt Block accessory. Steve...
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Minecraft Steve Diamond Edition - CLOSEOUT

The Details Steve is ready to go face the dangers of the world at large. Maybe he might even be geared up for the trip to the End. Only YOU know where he's headed on his next adventure! This 6" tall Diamond Steve Vinyl comes with removable diamond...
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Minecraft Creatures Poster - CLOSEOUT

The Details There are many ways for a critter to make a living in the blocky world of Minecraft. The most common occupation is a Creeper, but did you know you can also be a zombie, a slime, or a golem? If you’re feeling exceptionally adventurous,...
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Minecraft Pig Plush

$19.99 $17.99
The Details This piggy was made just to be your cuddly friend. He is not, I repeat, he is NOT to be made into a stack of porkchops no matter how high your sword's looting level is. 12" long. Polyester fiber construction. Ages 3 and up.
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Minecraft Lanyard - CLOSEOUT

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. Life is a game about placing Minecraft logo stickers on every surface that you can imagine. It is easy to get the two confused sometimes. Officially Licensed Clip on your...
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Minecraft Creeper Bracelet - CLOSEOUT

$7.20 $6.20
How can you become even more of a creeper? Easy! Wear our new Creeper Bracelets on both wrists and shout it out for the whole world to hear: I'm a Creeper and I'm proud of it! Features Minecraft Creeper colors and face. Silicone rubber construction...