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Copper Is The Color

Color Me Copper - Copper Wedding Favors

It seems that these days planning a wedding is a little more than finding a shotgun, a preacher and a witness. I’m kidding of course since I am much too old to be lead to the alter by shotgun… big gay sigh.

Derek and I have been talking about our wedding for over two years now. We were in the throws of it when we were living in Portland in 2013 which turned into starting Taylor Street Favors, moving to California and well, here we are today.

Because this process is so overwhelming – as many of you know – we have asked our friends at The Persephone Papers to help us out. If you do not know of them you will. They are two of the most talented people I know and I am so excited to have them guide us through this process.

Constantine, at The Persephone Papers, has asked me to think about colors, designs and flowers and to keep a folder of ideas. I am suddenly envious of those who, since childhood, kept wedding ideas in a box. Planning involves so many things from location to colors, themes and lighting – for me at 50-ish it’s really about the lighting – ’cause you know it is everything. I drive Derek crazy turning down the lights as he then runs around the house turning them back up. Ah love. The right lighting can make almost anything look perfect (!) but I am wandering off my original topic which was going to be about a color scheme. So where were we?

OK color. In this post I am focusing on Copper, Navy and White. I love these three colors together. You can find ideas all over Pinterest – one of my favorite websites – but, I thought I would show you a little of what we have here at Taylor Street Favors that could be used in your Copper, Navy and White wedding theme.

Getting back to the lighting I was talking about before. Our Copper Gold Luxe Candle Holder; as it states in the details, we are obsessed with these. They are beautiful. They come in three sizes and, if you are not into copper, nine colors. Turn down the lights and light up the table with these; paired with white flowers and white or cream colored china plus navy table accessories, like our Navy Blue Favor Box With Lid wrapped in a white or copper ribbon, makes an elegant table display.

You can also add a little vintage flair by using our Vintage Copper Baroque Frame to display table numbers. And if you’re going rustic or country take a look at our Moscow Mule Copper Mugs.

Copper is the color. From Cake Toppers to Crepe Paper check out our copper navy and white favors. When you have a moment contact us and tell us what color scheme you chose for your wedding. I’d love to write about it.

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