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The Favor Buck Stops Here

This past week, a bride-to-be started a WeddingWire discussion concerning wedding favors.  She was asking for unique wedding favor suggestions and mentioned her intention to put the couple’s name on whatever it was they decided to get…

…and then the comments came.

 Many comments included some great ideas [highlights follow], but there were more than a couple posts that … Read More »

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Place card holders and the place they hold

Don’t overlook the little things. How will you set the stage with your place cards? Place cards and their holders add a little ease of elegance to the event by gently guiding each guest to their seat.

Don’t want to have placecard holders for the guests? Use them to identify food on the buffet or which coffee is decaffeinated or … Read More »

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Build it and They Had Better Come: Wedding Website Builders

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 1.56.22 PM

It is an expectation now that you have a website dedicated to your wedding.  Yes, it is.

There are advantages – for example, much less information must be crammed onto the invitation or the RSVP card.  This allows for more interesting and creative invites [we are using wood!], and some couples are doing away with invites altogether … Read More »

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Surprise Wedding in Hawaii for Gay Military Vets

How do you surprise a couple with the Hawaii wedding of their dreams in less than 10 hours? All they had to do was #LetHawaiiHappen.

Christian Alarid, 24, and Shayne Barnes, 27, went to Hawaii thinking they were taking part in a photoshoot for a marketing campaign. Hawaii’s Visitors and Conventions Bureau (HCVB)contacted the couple last year after they got … Read More »

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Are You Judging Your Wedding By Your Wedding Budget?

Wedding Budgets:  small things, big things — they are still just things.

Weddings are the cornerstone of David’s and my business. The wedding ceremony celebrates  a legal status that we, until recently, were denied.  That alone makes it worthy of celebrating!  Weddings are one of life’s milestones and Taylor Street Favors exists to encourage celebrating life, so I definitely am … Read More »

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Connect, Don’t Inform — Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

CONNECT, DON’T INFORM — WRITING YOUR OWN WEDDING VOWS Isn’t that what a wedding is all about — connecting with the people you’ve invited? Why use language that is safe, familiar or politically correct but quickly forgotten by both you and your guests?

Here’s what David & Derek say. This moment is, maybe more than any other moment of the day, intimate and heartfelt — there just happen to … Read More »

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The Wedding Toast: How To Tell a Story People Will Listen To

Guess what – our attention span isn’t what it used to be.  For those who measure these kinds of things, the average person’s initial focus has dropped to a bit over 8 seconds from 12 seconds just 10 years earlier.    That means you have about as much time as it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” to give your audience a … Read More »