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3 wedding tech-trends we WON’T be following, and 1 we WILL

1.  Using a drone or a GoPro

Pitched as a way to achieve, “never before possible shots,” or video that is “impossibly cool,”  both of these newer additions to the wedding scene deliver. It seems the type of “cool” achieved, however, may be more of a Keeping-up-with-the-Kardashians cool than a Guardians-of-the-Galaxy cool. If you are considering this for your wedding, better add to your to-do’s making sure your drone pilot is trustworthy, familiar with your wedding site and experienced. [And how do you gauge experience with drones?] As for the GoPro…just where are you thinking of mounting this thing? One bride placed it in her bouquet… .  We have placed our trust in an experienced photographer and look forward to the stills.

2.  Emailing wedding invitations 

Our view – we are not sending out notices for the next PTA meeting. Quicker, easier and cheaper is not always better. There are advantages to a digital resource for sure — so we will send out invitations and have an online version too. The digital equivalent will provide information for hotel reservations, directions and updates as needed. No, we won’t be using Facebook to send out invites either. If you don’t know someone well enough to already have, or be able to easily obtain, their physical mailing address — maybe reconsider whether they ought to be invited.

3.  Live-streaming the wedding

Oh my. Those who’ve done this say they do it for friends and family who couldn’t make the event, but oh-so-much wanted to be there. That may be, but if your wedding is important enough for someone to attend, they will. What about those who are too ill or too frail to make the journey, you ask. I imagine those too ill or too frail to attend may also be too unfamiliar with the technology requirements necessary to make viewing a reality. More importantly, however, you have asked people to attend to be a part of the moment – in effect helping you create the memory by participating in a day of scripted and unscripted moments. A camera lens is a one way communication device — those at the other end are adding exactly nothing to the excitement and joy of the day. Your wedding is not a sound stage. For those exceptions — dear friends and family members who truly can not make the journey — set aside time to visit and personally share photos from your wedding. You’ll have fun adding commentary as you re-experience the day and your loved one(s) will get to participate in a way that is meaningful to you both.

Our one tech indulgence – a video booth

An updated version of the photo booth – this has us very excited. We have not figured out how to make this happen, but the idea of friends and family taking a few moments to record a personal greeting, a toast, or whatever they wish sounds fun and, we hope will bring out the kid in everyone. Stay tuned for how we will pull this together.


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2 thoughts on “3 wedding tech-trends we WON’T be following, and 1 we WILL

  1. I have to agree! Especially about the emailing out invites and live streaming the wedding. There’s nothing more exciting than receiving snail mail in this day and age; and you’re right – live streaming would be very one sided. I love your idea of going round to visit with photos and a chat, so much more personal and thoughtful. The video booth sounds like a 4D version of a guest book hehehe could be pretty fun to look back on!

    1. Thanks, Shoshy! Still working on putting the video booth together so that the technology is simple for everyone to use —

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